A. 宣傳維 : 快而廉移動宣傳


for Online Content


When you need a website, e-book or mobile solutions which offers voting, survey, enrollment, e-shop and branding ad, it can happen in few minutes.

You just create a mobi-page which can generate Mobile and Web content such as Agenda, Enrollment, RSVP and Promotion from One Place,

If you want to make a change and automatically sync your whole content. It is no need to worry about inconsistent content happened anymore. 

Eventually the content simply upload into our mobi-pages. It would turns even the most complicated contents into a complete web and mobile format.


Hong Kong Myanmar Chamber of Commerce
Signor Gelato
Arthur Yung and Associates Co Ltd.
Qualia Medical Spa
Asia Pacific Creativity Industries Association





B.  活動維 : 活動服務優質化








When you need systemmatic event management and accumulate your valued client database,

it is Online Registration + Kindly reminder circulation + Onsite Registration + Data Analytics 4-in-1 system to offer you the advanced business value.

Use iGen6 convenient and effective email marketing platform, complete with a custom email template prepared for your RSVP and Deploy easily.

iGen6's experienced  consultants will help you further personalize your email’s content!

Meanwhile, platform could generate high-end and professional badges include logo or QR code has never been easier!

Simply review and print what we designed for you. It’s just one click on your digi-events function! Finally for check-in, Registration information is synced across multiple devices

so you and your staff can safely check in attendees through Digi-events Dashboard, Mobile or QR code app !

managing your social media posts directly from iGen6 Digi-Event dashboard. Incorporate your event into social media and boost word of mouth.






C. 名單維 :自家資料易搜索



Build your own smart information search, faster your company services e.g. Marathon, Swimming Gala, Exhibiton booth, Product Catalog ... etc.

Example : 香港好學校搜尋器 Hong Kong School Search (Open new tab would be better)


Example : CCI成份屋苑的物業資料 CCI Estates Search (Open new tab would be better)





D. 平台維 : 強而廣網媒覆蓋



Instagram 報導強化功能


When you need your own online media channel or platform, we built it fast and cost-effective within a day. The following shown our superior CMS how to manage the content of your branded online media.





E. 社交維 : 強化社交口碑


建立超卓品牌, 社媒, 電子書表現互動化。

>Build your own Brand through viral marketing. Our Experience : Li & Fung, HKSAR Government,etc.

Interview Article : 'Online Branding' - First Person, Cover Story, Hong Kong Means Business, Hong Kong Trade Development Council (Welcome to Click) 





F. 客服維 : 管理客户系統 


整合客户關係管理系統, 小數據,大整合邁向企業之路。

Build your Customer/Memebership Management System through Social Marketing ... etc.



Membership Scheme

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